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Agent Testimonials

“I can’t begin to tell you how much my Medicare business means to me, both personally and professionally. It really was the start of the success I’ve had in this business, back in that cramped conference room in the old office, and I owe it all to you and the training you provided to me as a brand new agent back in July 2005. I still remember that as my first experience with Gordon Marketing, including how long it took me to tell the difference between you and Rebecca! And I thought I would never comprehend the difference between a HMO and a PPO!!”

-Jay, IN


“I used to work with several FMOs and thought nothing of it but once I started putting more of my contracts in one place it really made my life easier. Not only do I now know all their key staff and they know me and how I work, but I’m not just a number anymore. Instead of doing a little here and there, now I consistently win their trips and that means a lot to my wife because she loves the comeraderie with the others and pushes me to win each year. I haven’t missed an AEP kick off in 6 years and I know I’m getting better support and more opportunities than I was before. I’m not captive, I can leave at anytime–but there is no place that has ever worked harder to earn my business.”

-Michael, OH

“Working with GM has made my life a lot easier. I don’t have any staff so I rely on them to be my back office and keep me on track. Sometimes I think they know me better than I know myself. I had 8 agents when I joined GM and now I have over 120. I copy GM in everything they do and that has helped me grow my SGA contract!”

-Albert, TX

“I’ve finally found a partner in Gordon Marketing. I’m a refugee from two captive FMOs who took my renewals when I left. GM helped me start over and now my agency is bigger than it ever was and I own it. They have been invaluable with their marketing support, lead systems, custom training classes around the state for my team…I’m home for good.”

-Tom, GA


“I toughed it out in the lean years and now I’m enjoying the career I aspired to. GM told me it would be hard for 3 years and it was, but it was invaluable to have a whole support team there to keep me going and to show me what obstacles to avoid.”

-Mona, LA


“They can’t make insurance less frustrating, but they sure do make it more fun. I really enjoy their training classes. The time just zips by and you won’t find more knowledgable instructors.”

-Carolyn, NV