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Annuity Contracting

Welcome to the annuity contracting page of our site.  Please complete the registration form below to begin your contracting process.  After you complete the form you will receive further instructions.


RegEd Instructions

Allianz:  appointed agents –

            Agents not appointed –  (will need code below)

Fixed – Allianz Accumulation Advantage Annuity                 ACCUMULATION

Fixed – Allianz Core Income 7 Training                                  COREINCOME7V2

Fixed – Allianz 222 Product Training                                      ALLIANZ222V2

Fixed – Allianz 360 Product Training                                      ALLIANZ360V2

Fixed – Allianz 365i Product Training                                     ALLIANZ365iV2

Fixed – Market Value Adjustment (MVA) Training               MVAV1

American Equity:  appointed agents –

            Agents not appointed –

American General:  all agents – (PDF screenshots available)

American National: appointed agents –

            Agents not appointed –

Annuity Investors:  all agents –

Athene:  all agents –  (will need code below)

IMO channel                                                                           BD channel

Agility:  Agility10_2018                                                         Agility:  Agility710_2018

Ascent Pro Bonus: PROBO_2017                                          Accumulator 5 & 7: ACCUM57_2017

Performance Elite: PerformanceElite_2015                          Accumulator 5, 7 &10: ACCUM5710_2017

MaxRate: MaxRate_2017                                                       Ascent Pro 7:  PRO7_2017

Benefit 10: B10_2014                                                             Ascent Pro 7 & 10:  PRO710_2017

SPIA: SPIA_2016                                                                     Protector: Protect57_2018

                                                                                                MYG: MYG_2016

                                                                                                MYG NY: 17Athene_02NY

Atlantic Coast:  appointed agents –

            Agents not appointed –  (Access code = Agent1405)

Bankers Life:  appointed agents –

             Agents not appointed –  (login: userid = pt0000, password = training)

Equitrust:  all agents –

Fidelity & Guaranty:  all agents –

Global Atlantic (Forethought): all agents – (will need code below; instructions available)

FTFORECARE                                     ForeCare Fixed Annuity with Long-Term Care Benefits

FTINCOME150BRB                           Income 150+ Fixed Index Annuity

FTSFIMO                                               SecureFore 3 and 5 Fixed Annuities

FTCHOICEINCOMEBRB                   Choice Income Fixed Index Annuity

FTCHOICEACCUMBRB                    Choice Accumulation Fixed Index Annuity

ForeCertainGA                                    ForeCertain Income Annuity

Great American:  all agents –

Guaranty Income Life:  all agents – (will need code below)

            Guaranty Series: GS

                Annuicare Series: ACS

                FlexPlus Series: FPS

Guggenheim:   all agents –

Legacy (Americo, Ameritas): appointed agents –

            Agents not appointed – (Register – Guest Access, password is LEGACY12)

Liberty Bankers:  appointed agents –

                          Agents not appointed –  (userid – lbl; password – advisor)

Life Insurance Company of the Southwest:  Agents must be appointed first –

Lincoln Financial:    all agents –

National Western Life:   all agents – (PDF instructions available)

     Income Protector product: please call Brokers International for training packet to send in with the application.

     Dynamic product series:  please call Brokers International for training packet to send in with the application.

North American:    appointed agents –

                           Agents not appointed –  (will need code below)

15SFGNAC_01 – NAC Benefit Solutions Series REV 8-17

15SFGNAC_05 – NAC Guarantee Choice II MYGA REV 6-17

15SFGNAC_09 – NAC Retire Choice & Income Pay Plus REV 4-17

15SFGNAC_11 – NAC Charter Plus REV 4-17

15SFGNAC_13 – NAC Income Choice REV 10-17

15SFGNAC_16 – NAC Performance Choice Series & Income Pay Plus REV 4-17

15SFGNAC_17 – NAC Foundation Choice Plus REV 4-17

15SFGNAC_18 – NAC Income SPIA PRT 4-17

15SFGNAC_21 –  NAC VersaChoice REV 2-18

OneAmerica: all agents

Oxford:    training is done when the agent completes the electronic appointment link.

Phoenix (Legacy):  all agents –

Protective Life:  all agents –   (will need code below; instructions available)

Protective Secure Saver (MYGA) = Course PSS

Protective Indexed Annuity II = Course FIA-M2 with MVA

Protective Indexed Annuity NY = Course FIA-NY

Protective Income Builder = Course FIA-PIB

Protective Asset Builder Indexed Annuity = Course FIA-PAB

ProPayer Income (SPIA), Future Saver II (MYGA), ProSaver Secure II (SPDA) = Course 08

Protective Guaranteed Income Index Annuity = Course FIA-PGI

Reliance Standard:  all agents –

Sagicor:   appointed agents – (requirements by product attached)

                Agents not appointed –  (complete producer registration, click submit, training tab, once complete agent code will be “pending”.  Requirements by product attached)

Sentinel:  appointed agents –

            Agents not appointed –  (Access code = Agent1405)