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Final Expense


  • These are EXCLUSIVE leads generated by telemarketers.
  • These leads are utilized for in-home appointments.
  • All leads are sent through a quality control process to ensure that all questions are asked and that there is a positive confirmation that the lead wants to be contacted by agent.
  • The normal closing rate is about 60-80% of the closing rate for direct mail. In other words, if an agent closes 40% on direct mail leads it will probably be 25-30% on these.
  • Price is $15 per lead with a minimum order of 25. All orders must be paid in full before we submit them to the call center to generate.
  • Leads are generated in a 75-mile radius around your chosen city or zip code.
  • The demographics for these leads are between the ages of 50-80 with an annual income of $50K and below.
  • Orders in New England are discouraged! The agents out of New Jersey, Rhode Island and New York have not been pleased!
    The call center completes the entire order in 7-10 business days and leads are sent as they are generated. This ensures that they are fresh as possible when the agent receives them.
  • There are no refunds, but if there is an issue with a lead, the lead will be replaced with a new one at no charge.
  • No lead credit will be issued for these leads.

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I manage the Final Expense Sales Division. I can help you enter this market or grow your sales.

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I manage the Lead Department. Contact me to learn more about the lead programs we are offering here at Gordon Marketing.

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