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2018 Aetna Individual Medicare producer certification is a requirement to sell our 2018 Individual Medicare products (MA, MAPD, PDP) during the upcoming AEP. In addition, producers must successfully complete these requirements prior to engaging in the sale of Aetna Medicare products and in order to receive renewal commissions for Aetna Individual Medicare plans in 2018.

In addition, producers need to be licensed in the applicable states, and appointed by Aetna. (If you or your firm is new to Aetna, please apply online to get appointed after completing certification.)

2018 Certification User Guide

Aetna Individual Medicare producer certification has three components:

AHIP certification (3-7 hours) consists of five training modules and an exam that must be passed with a 90% or better.

Aetna Individual Medicare product tutorial (45 minutes) consists of one module and an exam that must be passed with a 90% or better.

Aetna Medicare Compliance and Fraud, Waste and Abuse tutorial and Code of Conduct attestations (45 minutes).

Certification FAQs

What’s the cost? $100 – That’s $50 less than you’d pay for AHIP certification through AHIP. This registration fee allows up to three attempts to pass the AHIP exam.

Can AHIP certification be transferred to Aetna? Yes, so long as you received a score of 90% or higher on the assessment in three or less attempts. You’ll still need to complete the other two requirements to complete your Aetna Individual Medicare certification. Those who transfer their AHIP certification to Aetna do not have to pay the $100 registration fee so long as they earned a passing score on the exam in three or less attempts.

How can I learn details about 2018 Aetna Individual Medicare plans? After completing your certification, you can sign up for detailed local product training in the event calendar on the certification site. You can easily view upcoming trainings for your state/region and register for a convenient date and time.

To sell Aetna’s 2018 Individual Medicare products (MA, MAPD, PDP), agents must be licensed and appointed in the states where they intend to sell, and certified through the 2018 Aetna Individual Medicare producer certification program (includes AHIP, “core training,” local market product training, and tests for each component).

Dental Care, Eyewear & Hearing Aids

If you get coverage from an employer or group health plan, review the information you received about your plan.

Our Medicare Advantage Plans may offer coverage beyond Original Medicare benefits such as dental care, eyewear and/or hearing aids. These benefits may be included in the plan’s premium or offered as an Optional Supplemental Benefit (this means you pay an additional premium).

The benefits may be an allowance or offered via a network.

Allowance – lets you see any licensed provider for services. You pay the provider directly and we will reimburse you up to the allowance amount.
Network – requires you to see a network provider for covered services. PPO plans may offer out-of-network coverage at higher cost shares. Evidence of Coverage (Hyperlink:

2018 Explorer Benefit

Travel with care
You’re on the move. You’ve got places to be, people to see and yourself to take care of. Why not step up your health care, so it can keep up? You’re not limited to just receiving care within your plan’s service area. You can also get coverage when you’re traveling. Explorer is a plan feature that allows you to receive covered services from a network provider or pharmacy outside the plan’s service area. Learn more (see attached)

2018 Aetna Medicare Part D (see attached)

How to Order Supplies (see attached)

2018 Aetna Medicare Telesales Product Training is LIVE! (see attached)

We’re committed to ensuring you have everything you need for 2015 readiness. If you have any questions at this time, please contact the Aetna Medicare Broker Support Unit (BSU) or the Coventry Broker Services Department (BSD).

Aetna Medicare BSU contact information
Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. all time zones
Coventry BSD contact information
Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST

Producers must be licensed in the applicable state, appointed by Aetna and/or Coventry, and certified prior to engaging in the sale of Aetna or Coventry products.
This communication is intended for use by brokers only and is not intended for distribution to Medicare beneficiaries. Any publication or distribution of this communication to unauthorized recipients without Aetna’s approval is prohibited.