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2017 4 Sales Contests

Write 30 Hospital Indemnity Plans by Dec. 31st and win a trip to Costa Rica in April 2018. Open to the first 5 agents, or

Sell 50 Medico underwritten Medicare Supplements using MyEnroller. Open to the first 5 agents, or

Unlimited, all agents can win:

25 DVH + 10 Hospital Plans = Costa Rica!

Production can’t count toward more than one promotion. For example, if you won the Echo Dot, that production can’t also count towards Costa Rica.

Medico Corp is running their own cash bonus promo from Sept 1 – Dec 31 so you can double dip, win our incentives and the CA$H from Medico too!

For agents level contracts not under a GA or higer upline. HIP contest is only available to agents who have never won a trip from us selling HIP in the past. Costa Rica trip qualifications are double for agents above street level contract.

DVH is guaranteed-issue, e-applications, and best of all: No Networks !
Let us show you how to sell Medico’s fantastic Dental, Vision and Hearing Plans in a combo sale with a Med Supp or their great Short Term Recovery Care product.

No Scope of Appointment is ever needed!

  • Sell during AEP !
  • Sell in every MAPD appointment!
  • This is a great product Seniors want.

Medicare Supplements
Medico’s House Hold Discount
is very lenient!!

In the states that have the 12% discount:

  • Must live in same house

  • Person is over 18

  • Person doesn’t also have to have a Medico policy!

Keep in mind that each state has separate rules they don’t all approve the same discount rules.

New Dental Only Plans!