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Partners Program

GM Partner Program

Check out the benefits of agents that work closer with our office
Remain Independent But Gain Career Agent Perks

Bring Your Business to the Next Level: Stop Spreading Your Business All Over The Nation

We recognize that our primary roles is to support you; that your hard work, dedication, and success are the root of our organization. You’ve proven it to us, now let us prove it to you. We are very pleased to announce the Gordon Marketing Partner Program. The Partner Program is a benefit program designed to recognize and support the best of the best. With a focus on helping you take your business to the next level, the Partner Program provides a rich set of benefits for those agents who work closest with us. Place 75% of all your annual revenue through companies we represent and reap the most rewards. You are independent, but when we can earn more of your business, there is more to share with you.

How does it work? The more you place through us, the more benefits you receive

By virtue of being part of our team you are automatically eligible to become a Gordon Marketing Distinguished Producer. On an annual basis we will evaluate your performance in three key areas: activation, engagement, and production. Your calculated performance in each category will determine the corresponding Excellence Level you’ve achieved. In addition to the recognition and admiration from Gordon Marketing and your peers, you will also receive the associated program benefits for the following annual cycle.

This is a list of our approved CE classes. We can bring a class to your state for your agency when you have at least 10 attendees.