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Win the carrier’s trip and our trip

with the same production!

If you come once, you’ll never want to miss a trip with our family!

Travel The World With Us !

We take agents all over the world and invariably they are agents who told us, “I don’t care about trips, if I want to go somewhere, I’ll buy a ticket.”

But the reality is, most people won’t spend the $3,000 to go on an international vacation. There is always something at home that needs fixing. So let us give you and your spouse a fantastic experience. Not by writing more business, but by using less FMOs. Stop spreading your business all over the country, and consolidate it with us. Almost all your production counts towards our annual training convention.

Ask your marketer for complete details.

Sylvia Gordon, Edgar Wagner and Theresa Landers in Cairo, Egypt 2012

CEO and Fisherman in Chief, Dick Gordon with a prized Northern Muskgee on one of our many fall trips to Canada